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We won’t bore you with all the Wikipedia information about Udaipur and it’s exotic locations. Doesn’t it look lame? When you read that, isn’t this what you think:

“Come-on, I already know this, tell me about the pre-wedding shoot”.

Yes, we understand.

So let’s get ready to rock. Let’s get ready to make memories. Let’s get ready to have fun. Let’s get ready to make a story which will live for years to come.

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Let’s start with a doubt some people have. Why you need a pre-wedding photographer?

You can take excellent photos from your mobile phones and your DSLRs. Why is there a need for a professional photographer?

Because photography isn’t just about taking photos, it’s about making photos. It’s about being prepared for the next moment to come. It’s about anticipating what’s going to happen next, and being ready to freeze that moment.

Not just that, your photos are more about you, your madness and your exciting journey that has just begun. And you need someone professional to record all those moments that might not come again. 

Still not convinced? Take a look at this post.

We give you memories that you could cherish lifelong. Memories that make you fall in love over and over again whenever you see them. The photos that not just remind you of your love, but also about the fun you had. 

Those crazy moments.  Be it trying to pull ears, or splashing water on your partner. We make sure we do not miss those moments.

Wait there’s more to photography and your pre-wedding shoot.

It’s all about portraying your story. A story that will live for years to come. A story that will unite you. A story that will make you laugh when life gets tougher. A story that will make you want to live those moments again. A story that you will make you feel alive. A story you could proudly tell your children and grandchildren about the high energy exciting days you had.

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Pre-wedding locations in Udaipur:

Fateh Sagar

If you are a localite, Fateh Sagar holds a special place in your life. Be it outings, gathering of friends, birthday parties or school & college reunions. You know how close this place is to your heart. And if you arent a localite, this place is surely going to aww you with its serene beauty and uplifting vibes. Get ready to rock. 


You need some palace-y look high up in the hills? And some royal ethnic look to make you feel like the emperor of the past era. Sajjangarh is something you should look forward to.

Lake Badi

Badi ki paal, and those Bahubali hills. Top high on the hill, lake shots and your unconditional love. These are a deadly combination.

Jagdish Temple Streets

The fast-moving life, those busy streets and your love. These photos will remind you of how the moment froze and a dent was made in the universe when you were having a pre-wedding shoot.

Ghats of Udaipur

Who doesn’t like lakes? And when they add to your madness, creativity and love for each other, the frozen moment will create stories that will make people go mad.

Doodh Talai

The Pal of Pichola, ropeway high in the air, and the mesmerising gardens, these exotic places will add to your story as no other place could.

Gulab Bagh

Experience the morning life here. Imagine you having your pre-wedding shoot while people doing yoga, walk, jogging and morning laughter clubs. Not just that, the lush green gardens and tall trees will add depth to your story of pre wedding shoot in Udaipur.


Well, you can brag to your friends and relatives about your pre-wedding shoot in the second largest artificial lake in all Asian continent. And an Island resort. It had all the looks you would ever need in your pre-wedding shoot.

Eklingji Nagda Village

Add another spot in your pre-wedding locations list. The excellent architecture of Saas Bahi Temple and the lakes Bagela and Nagda are the places which blend romanticism and nature at best.


Although outside the city, make you do not miss this spot. The ancient yet beautiful fort, gardens and open areas, resorts and rocks. This adds the blend of history, nature and openness to your pre-wedding shoot that will make people go WOW!


This village is gaining popularity more in recent days. Add a tinge of classic rural life, scenic resorts and views that make memories, fun and exciting. These photos can be perfect for your Instagram and FB photos. People won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

Chandni Village

Step away from the busy-ness of life. Let yourself loose in those jaw-dropping scenic locations that wash away all your stress and worries. Express your love for each other and just let the sky handle the rest.

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